Turn Left Safely

Turn Left Safely

Making a left-hand turn is one of the most dangerous maneuvers drivers make. Failure to turn left properly may result in a crash.  Crashes cause injuries. These injuries may require the assistance of a personal injury attorney to ensure the injured person’s right are protected.  As personal injury attorneys in Alaska,Merdes Law Office, P.C., wants you to avoid car crashes all together.

Prepare to Drive Safely

Ultimately, driving safely comes down to being alert and knowing / obeying driving rules.  Driving features on cars, such as headlights and turn signals improve driver safety.  Keepwindows, car lights and turn signals clean and free fromdust, dirt, ice, or snow; ensuring you will see roads, traffic and obstacles around you while making your vehicle more visible to other drivers.

MakeSafe Choices

Using a turn signal is the best way to tell other drivers you are turning.  Failure to signal is dangerous and inconsiderate. Turn signal alerts other drivers to your actions.

When turning left, slow down or stop to make sure the way is clear at least 100 feet after turning on your left signal.  Never stop or suddenly decrease the speed of your vehicle without signaling yourintentions for the benefit of the other drivers.Complete your turn only after confirming the turn can be completed safely.  Remember to look for pedestrians and bicyclists crossing the street as well as oncoming traffic. See the Alaska Driver Safety Manual for information on left turns and other safe driving rules.

While a turn signal is usually best, turn signals are not appropriate for every situation. In those situations, use proper hand signals. See the Alaska Driver Safety Manual for information on the proper use of hand-signals.

Turning from and into the correct lanesmake turning left with oncoming traffic both easier and safer. Proper lane use keeps your intention and actions more apparent to other drivers. Stay in the proper lane after turning.  Particularly if you are turning onto a multi-lane road.  Making left-hand turns properly helps avoid crashes.  Avoiding crashes means avoiding injuries.  Avoiding injuries means you reduces the need for a personal injury attorney in Alaska.

Alaska Personal Injury Attorney

Slow Down, drive well and arrive safely. Ward Merdes sincerely means it when he says:“We hope you never need us.”If you do need help,we are here with more than 25 years of Board-Certified experience.  Merdes Law Office, P.C., personal injury attorneys in Alaska are dedicated to Alaskans.  Contact us today toll free at 866.452.3741 or visit www.Merdes.com for further information.

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