pain and suffering law

Whether it’s an automobile or plane crash, a boating disaster or a slip and fall, getting injured is expensive. Medical bills quickly add up. Lost wages only make matters worse by creating stress that further complications.

Economic damages, such as medical bills, lost income, and property damage are easy to quantify because they are monetary losses. But can a dollar value be put on the suffering that you experienced? How can an amount of money ever compensate for the pain you went through? The answers to these questions may prove important if you are seeking money damages for personal injuries.

Pain and suffering are non-economic damages. They are not easy to calculate. Just because they are not easy to quantify does not mean you have not suffered. Alaskan law provides reasonable compensation for your pain, suffering and disability, just as it does for your medical bills.


There are a couple of common methods that are used to calculate pain and suffering damages:

  • One method is to use a “per diem” or daily rate. An amount is calculated for one day of your suffering. This rate is often calculated in relation to your daily earnings. The daily amount is then multiplied by the number of days you suffer. The total is normally a ballpark estimate of your pain and suffering claim.
  • Another common method is to calculate damages for pain and suffering in relation to the amount of economic damages (medical costs, lost wages, etc.). Some people suggest non-economic claims should be approximately three times economic claims. This approximation method is generally considered very rough.

In either case, whether calculating the daily rate or the factor, the process can become very contentious. Hence, it is in your best interest to have an experienced personal injury attorney in Alaska representing you.


Injured claimants need to have evidence of their pain and suffering. Doctor’s reports can be an important element in establishing damages. When discussing medical issues with your doctor, make sure you are very clear about the pain you are going through. A doctor’s report that validates your suffering can be a crucial piece of evidence.

The bottom line is that claim valuation is more art than science. An experience personal injury attorney will evaluate hundreds of factors for each claim. There are many factors that help determine the amount of damages one can recover for injuries. To make sure that you receive the full amount of restitution for your pain, suffering, and medical bills contact the highly reputable and experienced Alaskan personal injury attorneys at Merdes Law Office, P.C. 866.452.3741 or visit for further information. Merdes Law Office has been helping injured Alaskans for more than 25 years. And while we hope you never need us … we’re are here if you do.

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