Common Dangers Encountered by Tourists in Alaska

tourist injury in alaska

Glacier Bay National Park, Katmai National Park, Lake Clark National Park, and Denali are just some of the reasons that tourists are drawn each year to visit Alaska. While it is recommended that tourists follow certain safety precautions, not all injuries that occur while visiting Alaska can be avoided. The Alaska Department of Transportation reports that in 2010, there were 58 fatalities due to roadside injuries in the state of Alaska which included some tourists. Roadside accidents, however, are not the only cause of injuries for tourists in Alaska. The purpose of this article is to examine some of the various ways that tourists can be injured while visiting Alaska.

Deciding Who Is Responsible

Depending on where and how a tourist is injured while visiting Alaska, there are several groups that might be held responsible, which include the following:

  • Groups. If you are injured while touring Alaska with a group, you might very well have a claim against the organization or group who runs the tour. You will need to prove several elements including that the tour group owed you a duty of care, that the duty of care was breached, and that the breach of care was the cause of your injuries.
  • State and National Park. Despite its strict guidelines, the Federal Tort Claims Act permits personal injury lawsuits against the federal government. As with tour groups, one will need to prove various elements that establish a legal claim in addition to various applicable provisions of the Federal Tort Claims Act based upon how the accident occurred.

Hazards Faced by Tourists in Alaska

There are many hazards that are faced by tourists visiting tourists in Alaska:

  • Construction Areas. Unmarked construction areas can lead to vehicular accidents and tourists who wander into these areas getting injured or killed.
  • Drainage. Roads with inadequate drainage can result in frozen water and slippery surfaces upon which vehicles and tourists might slide causing a variety of personal injuries.
  • Groups of Tourists. The negligence action of groups of tourists can lead to congested traffic, frightened animals, or various other conditions that lead to injured visitors.
  • Swimming. Drowning deaths occur even in Alaska. Recreation areas may not always include lifeguards. Not to mention, swimming in unfamiliar areas can prove hazardous.
  • Wild Animals. Of the various wildlife present in Alaska, the two most common types of animals encountered by tourists are bear and moose. Encounters with these animals can lead to catastrophic injuries as well as potential fatalities.

These hazards represent just a few of the dangers that might require the assistance of professional counsel. With more than 25 years of experience helping injured Alaskans and tourists, Merdes Law Office, P.C. are the leading law firm with expert tourist injury lawyer in Alaska. If you are a tourist or have a loved one who was injured while visiting Alaska, contact Merdes Law Office, P.C. at 866.452.3741 or visit for further information.

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