Auto Safety on Alaskan Roadways

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It is very important that those who are operating motor vehicles adhere to basic auto safety precautions so that they can get to where they are traveling safely. When these safety precautions are not adhered to, this can significantly increase the likelihood that an automobile accident may occur. If you have been the victim of an automobile accident in Alaska, you need to contact an experience and reputable personal injury attorney in Alaska as soon as possible.

Automobiles and Phone Safety

The use of cellular phones while driving can greatly increase the chances that an accident may occur. This is especially true when dealing with some of the weather and lighting conditions that can affect Alaskan roadways. It is important for you and other drivers on the road not to be distracted by cellphone usage. Texting or receiving text messages while driving is extremely dangerous and has been determined to have been the cause of a number of fatal accidents.

In addition, one safety issue that does not often occur to people is the use of their phone’s GPS while driving. Many people feel that this is a nice convenience to use while operating a motor vehicle; however, it can be a dangerous one. It is important for drivers to be conscious of their actions and pull over when in need of using their phone for whatever reason because one distraction is one too many.

Beware of Animals

When operating a motor vehicle in Alaska, it is important to be aware that animals sometimes find their way into the road. This means that it is important for drivers to always drive at safe speeds and keep their eyes on the road so that they can have time to react properly if an incident like this were to occur.

Be Mindful of Weather Conditions

Certain weather conditions in Alaska can make operating a motor vehicle even more dangerous than it would be in some other states. Alaska is known for snowfall and the roads can often be covered with ice. In addition, certain weather conditions such as the Alaska midnight sun can make driving even more dangerous due to decreased visibility. The way that you operate your motor vehicle must be altered to accommodate such conditions. It is important to make preventive measures such as reducing your speed, staying focused and have your car tires serviced properly in order to be safe as possible.

If you or someone that you know has been in an automobile accident due to the failure of another in Alaska, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced and highly skilled personal injury attorney in Alaska such as the Merdes Law Office, P. C. To schedule an appointment with one of our highly experienced and reputable personal injury lawyers please contact Merdes Law Office at 866.452.3741 or visit for further information.

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