Airplane Accident Injury Lawyer in Alaska

Airplane Accident Injury

Small aircraft is a popular mode of travel in Alaska. Similar to travelling by car, this form of travel is not without risk. Unlike car accidents, however, airplane accidents pose a special risk of serious injury or death to passengers when they occur. These accidents can occur for a number of different reasons ranging from pilot error and to airline negligence to equipment malfunctioning and unexpected severe weather conditions. When you or someone you know has been in a airline accident, you need an experienced and reputable injury lawyer in Alaska on your side to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Aviation Accidents and the Law

The first thing that must be done when an aviation accident occurs is to determine the cause of the accident. Thus, a thorough investigation must be undergone which involves very technical engineering and mechanical determinations. A great deal of forensic evidence must be collected and examined by experts to pinpoint the true cause of the accident.

Common Causes of Airline Accidents in Alaska

An aircraft accident can occur for a number of different reasons. One of the primary reasons that aircraft; especially small aircraft accidents may occur in Alaska is due to the weather conditions and terrain of the state. Unfortunately, these factors can cause small airplane crashes to occur at a higher frequency in Alaska. Other common reasons why aircraft accidents can occur are that the pilot did not have adequate training and did not know the proper way to react to an emergency situation. The aircraft was poorly serviced and maintained. Furthermore, the airline company, the manufacturer of the plane, the pilot, or the company that performed servicing on the plane could be the party that is liable for the injuries that were sustained in the accident. Which of these causes, if any, played a role in an airplane accident can have an impact on who is responsible.

What You Need in an Injury Lawyer in Alaska

When an aircraft accident has occurred, it is important for your attorney to be familiar with aircrafts procedures and safety regulations in order to effectively evaluate and assign fault to the parties responsible. The FAA has regulations that airline pilots must follow when flying their planes in Alaska; your attorney needs to be familiar with these regulations in order to assess whether all of these rules were followed.
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